This is a presentation of a young, dynamic and flexible company.

G-S-D a young, dynamic and flexible company founded in 1998, the company
G-S-D Gerhard Schoch Druckgiesstechnik and its team have since become a reliable supplier to many well known European die-casting companies.
Started in 2009 G-S-D Schoch extended their services to North America.

No compromises are made when it comes to quality and innovative technology. Full filling the customer’s specific needs is our philosophy.

This statement applies not just for the wear parts, but for the peripherals, machine re-furbishing and all other services as well.

Most products of G-S-D are developed and manufactured in house and many patents are registered.

In the field of engineering and training GSD is helping the customer to get the highest efficiency out of all the products.

A special know-how in the re-sleeving of goosenecks lead to an over average increase in market share.